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Snacking never
tasted so good!

Ladybee Taiyaki has a delicious taste. Typical Japanese taste.

This Taiyaki has lots of interesting fillings, which can appeal to your taste.

The Story Behind Ladybee Taiyaki

Ladybee Taiyaki was founded in 2019, due to the potential

to develop the food and beverages business.

In 2020 Ladybee Taiyaki continues to grow

in developing delicious menus.

ai bee.png

Ai says hi!♥

Ladybee Taiyaki's Logo since 2023

Ai is named after the Japanese word  (Ai) meaning love. Ai has a best friend named Bee and they love to have adventures together!

Ladybee Taiyaki's Culture

Ladybee Taiyaki has a good and exciting work culture.  Come be part of us!

ai 3.png


We always enjoy working. We help each other if someone is having trouble

ai 1.png

Support each other

We always support each other. Listen to all opinions and look for solutions together.

ai 2.png


We always have fun together. Work and play together happily.

What customers say

"The best taiyaki in Surabaya!! the sweetness is perfect, the texture is not to soft and not to hard. Very tasty!!!"

- Gojek User for Ladybee Taiyaki Pakuwon Mall

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